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Captain Jared Cyr

To punching it into the weekend #hardyfl

Jared was born and raised in Key West, Florida. He is a 4th generation conch. To say that Jared is a good fly-guide is a shallow portrayal. He has a depth of knowledge about the waters of Key West and an understanding of the fishery that goes far beyond being able to pole a flats boat. It’s the kind of knowledge that no GPS will help you find. It’s a feel, a sense of timing and a few practiced tricks that make Jared a master of his craft.


2017 Del Brown Guide to most Bonefish releases

2017 Cudabowl Guide to 1st runner up Lady Angler

2016 Cudabowl Guide to Most Releases

2016 Cudabowl Guide to 1st runner up Lady Angler

2015 Cudabowl Guide to Top Lady Angler

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