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Targeted Species


"Had a fantastic time fishing with Capt Jared Cyr.  We met up early, and headed out to fish West of Key West, somewhat close to the Marquesas, on some beautiful flats.  His knowledge of the area, skill at handling the boat, and well honed efforts to scan for fish was phenomenal.  A 4th generation conch - it was very apparent he was at home out there.  Definitely enjoyed meeting him and fishing with him, and hope to do it again.  The bonefish caught we’re not so delighted!  Highly recommend Capt Jared should anyone want to do some flats hunting for bonefish, permit, etc."    - Les Bessenger      July 2017

"Just over a year ago I came down to the Keys on vacation and given the opportunity to go out fishing with one of the best fishing guides in the Florida Keys Jared Cyr. It was truly the experience of a life time and a major contributing factor in my decision to move down here. Check out this quick episode of fishing show he recently filmed fishing the water he knows best."

-Nick Stefani

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